Makit LQ&N Fair

On Sunday we had a stand at the Makit LQ&N Fair at the East of England Showground near Peterborough. It was the sort of show I really love with good general organization, lots of interesting stands and plenty of visitors. It also gave me a chance to visit my Mum in Ely!

It is odd which bits of a show stick in my mind after I get home. This time there were three people –

The first was the girl pouring much needed coffee from a flask for me and chatting cheerfully about her job and making me smile.

The second was Henry at K & K machines – his company makes long arm quilting machines. They set up 3 different models to demonstrate, I do love seeing machines in use!

The last was a lady called Isabel who showed me a really good method of making cord which I hadn’t come across before – when I have practiced a bit I will write the instructions up and post them on the How Tos and Methods section of the website.

So thank you – to everyone at the show for being themselves!

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