Stitching Ideas

 Embroidery on Melton Sometimes two or three ideas for embroidery run up against each other and I just have to try them out, this little piece of embroidery came about that way.
I have some melton in my stash, I have had it for some years and from the point I got it I have KNOWN that it was going to be great for embroidery – but I just haven’t had the foggiest idea what embroidery would suit it. (If you haven’t come across melton, it is a lovely woollen fabric, a little like felt in finish but woven, it used to be used to make uniforms.)
A couple of other vague notions that have been rumbling about in the back of my mind are Elizabethan scrolling stem embroidery designs and the way that colours sing out in peasant embroidery designs worked on black backgrounds, as you know, I do love colour – particularly bright colour!
So here we are, I combined the three ideas and worked this little design in reverse chain stitch, lazy daisy stitch and french knots using our mercerised cotton thread, and I have loved every moment of stitching it – I think I might do some more….

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