Tambour Work

Tambour work bird

I have been experimenting with tambour hooked chain stitch recently.
It has taken me some time to to feel at home with the tambour hook – that really is an understatement to the point of downright fib, as anyone who has seen me struggling will know – it has taken ages, severely frayed temper and dogged determination not to be beaten by any needlework tool…. However, once I got the hang of it I really love it. I have used it to make this little bird using fine perle shade 266.
If you would like to give tambour work a go, the online tutorial I used was by Mary Corbett, it is really good and clear (I paused it at regular intervals to swear and start again).
You can buy tambour hooks and holders from Silken Strands, Jo Firth and Mainly Lace.

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